Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The truth about human cloning... it's already here

Please visit www.clonetruth.com

Hello, my name is David and I am a reporter for a national newspaper. Last year a woman approached me on the street in Washington as I was returning from lunch. We spoke briefly and she placed a 3 X 5 card in my raincoat pocket. I didn't think much of it again until I received the letter pasted below. For a variety of legal and ethical considerations, I am very much limited in what names I can use in this post. As such, I have blackened out the names of the company and man about who she is speaking. I have posted it because I am in desperate need of help. Essentially she is suggesting that one of the wealthiest and most admired Americans in the world has run a clandestine cloning operation for three decades that is in part built on data from Nazi experiments. Not only is he guilty of doing research that can only be characterized as monstrous, but in order hide the work, he has had at least 4 people murdered.
We have vetted this letter and the other information she has provided and found it to be very credible. However, because the extreme nature of the allegation is in such stark contrast to a record of philanthropy that is almost unmatched over the last two decades, we have chosen to withhold making the name of the person implicated by these letters public until we have independent confirmation.
We have no illusions about the danger that our staff and or anyone assisting in this story might be in. Given the resources this man has at his disposal, that danger could be extreme. Nonetheless, upon independent corroboration of the allegations contained in the letter below and subsequent documents which may be posted, we will publish all of the relevant information, including the names, dates and places of import, less those of our confidential sources.
We believe that this person poses a great danger to society and has demonstrated a willingness to do whatever it takes in order to achieve his goals. Time is of the essence. Anyone who can corroborate any of the information contained below is requested to immediately contact me at info@clonetruth.com.